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Post  the_orig on Wed Apr 01, 2009 6:30 pm

Tovan, Tjendo, and any of the old Republicats, this is Silent, trying to get back in touch with you all. I would have logged in with my old user name, but I'm banned Very Happy

I'm just trying to reach out and see what's up. Maybe no one will read this, that's fine, I guess.

Here's my idea:


Paradox [PAX]

Living the Contradiction of Serious Gaming

Envisioned as a small alliance of dedicated players that will thrive from it's independence of herd mentality.

...because while most are sheep, but some are wolves.

IGM if interested
It's based on a more egalitarian or anarchist approach, but the key is to avoid diluting those with good sense, skill and maturity by including those that are lacking in these qualities.

I'm on us8 right now, username comealive. IGM me there if you like to chat.



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