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Post  Echuta on Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:16 pm


Race (Gaul, Roman or Teuton) : Teuton

Number of Villages and coordinates: 1 (93, 181)

How long have you been on server 6?: 20 days

What time zone are you in?: PST

What times are you normally online?: 7 am -8 pm

What other servers, if any, are you currently playing?: none

How many travian worlds have you played from beginning to end? zero

How did you hear about us?:
If referred, Player Name:

What is your overall rank and current population?: rank 8879 pop 121

What type and number of troops do you have?:
111 Macemen
10 Spears

What is your offensive rank and score? 4565 , 25

What is your defensive rank and score? 6847, 26

What alliances have you been a member of? none at the moment

What is your current resource production? Wood____86_____ Clay___96_____ Iron____59____ Wheat___32____

Are you currently being attacked by anyone? Explain: _Yes, by Grand Pinoy of your clan. I have done nothing to provoke an attack and have asked to stop the attacks. No deal was present to cease operations other than threats. In the past I have rummaged the area with my troops for supplies and have had communications with kyle lanc in the past regarding villages I raid. He simply asked me to stop attacking a certain village and I did. I have never attacked a "Republic" village. _________________________________

Here is a hypothetical question, You are being attacked by a player who is slightly larger than you how can you react to his attack (please be specific):

1) Analyze the attack force
2) Ask for them to Stop
3) If not then seek out alternative means to stop the attack
4) If 3 fails then attack their home base with prejudice


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