Can I Please Join?

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Can I Please Join?

Post  iPood on Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:39 am

Hey Guys and Girls my names matt and i play travian on s6 i like long walks along the beach i hate sea food but i dont mind see food. I love rainy days bla bla na im joking ((((((Can I Please Join Your Alliance))))))


Race : Gaul

Number of Villages and coordinates: 1 (-154|-122)

How long have you been on server 6?: 1month

What time zone are you in?: AEST

What times are you normally online?: 9am to 11pm some times longer (Travian On My Phone)

What other servers, if any, are you currently playing?: just 6 but i am waiting for S7

How many travian worlds have you played from beginning to end? none this is my first

How did you hear about us?: To tell you the truth i am being attacked by a player that you's are confederated with and 1 thing let to another
If referred, Player Name:

What is your overall rank and current population?: Rank:9215 POP:112

What type and number of troops do you have?: they were all killed reasently will be rebuilding asap

What is your offensive rank and score? 9454.

What is your defensive rank and score? 6906.

What alliances have you been a member of? nikki, SNIPES, MBM, Eclipse,

What is your current resource production?
Wood: 42 per hour
Clay: 36 per hour
Iron: 38 per hour
Wheat: 49 per hour

Are you currently being attacked by anyone? Explain: dan21 he is in the alliance -Red- he is not getting anything because i have 4 lvl 10 crannys but he is killing what troops i make and i cant send any out to raid inactive villages because i can't build enough because he just kills them

Here is a hypothetical question, You are being attacked by a player who is slightly larger than you how can you react to his attack (please be specific)

first i would release his troops and ask for a personal NAP... If he continues to attack i would check out his alliance (if he has any) and work out how to remove this problem

i will not ask for assistance and any point untill i have developed my village better the reason i am asking to join your alliance at this POP is so i can be safe if people see that i am under the wing of a successful alliance they will back off (well im hoping that)

if u gave me a week or 2 im sure i can get my pop up to a satisfactory amount then help out the best i can i am allways active in forums i have 4 years HTML experience (meaning i can build websites (free))


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Re: Can I Please Join?

Post  iPood on Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:42 am

Please Consider my Pleed! :'(

Xfire: paratrooper24
Travian: iPood


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