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Post  osmo on Sun Jul 13, 2008 2:27 am


Race (Gaul, Roman or Teuton) :teuton

Number of Villages and coordinates:3, (33,-9)(33,-Cool(33,-10)

How long have you been on server 6?:since day one

What time zone are you in?:pacific, san jose california(to be more specific)

What times are you normally online?: once in the morning on week-ends(early) during week days i'm on from 12:30-6:00ish

What other servers, if any, are you currently playing?: server 4, osmo on that account as well(four villages, member of INV-PHX)

How many travian worlds have you played from beginning to end? 5

How did you hear about us?: i am looking for a new alliance and i saw your alliance page and was interested
If referred, Player Name:

What is your overall rank and current population?:rank:2248, pop:775

What type and number of troops do you have?:350 maces, 150 spears, 250 axes, 120 scouts, 30 paladins(they're low because of war losses)

What is your offensive rank and score?rank:2821, points:180

What is your defensive rank and score?rank:423, points:1017

What alliances have you been a member of? WE{US} only

What is your current resource production? Wood:760|310|17 Clay:724|310|20 Iron:724|280|17 Wheat:600|54|9

Are you currently being attacked by anyone? Explain: yes but only because one person think i was kicked from WE because i was inactive. so far no one has done any damage at all. thats because the attack lands in about 3 minutes. but i have enough to kill off all of his troops

Here is a hypothetical question, You are being attacked by a player who is slightly larger than you how can you react to his attack (please be specific) ask him politely to stop. mean while build spears, paladins, and upgrade your wall and cranny. while that happens raid the closest people who are safe to farm as much as possible to get more resources to get more troops


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