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Kambode [application]

Post  Kambode on Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:36 am

Username: Kambode

Race (Gaul, Roman or Teuton) : Roman

Number of Villages and coordinates: 1 (97,-176)

How long have you been on server 6?: ~1 week

What time zone are you in?: EST

What times are you normally online?: 7-8 am, 6-12 pm EST(roughly)

What other servers, if any, are you currently playing?: N/A

How many travian worlds have you played from beginning to end? N/A

How did you hear about us?:
If referred, Player Name:

What is your overall rank and current population?: 10827 w/ 71 pop.

What type and number of troops do you have?:1 Legionnaire

What is your offensive rank and score? N/A

What is your defensive rank and score? N/A

What alliances have you been a member of? None

What is your current resource production? Wood 60, Clay 68, Iron 61, Wheat 42

Are you currently being attacked by anyone? Explain: No.

Here is a hypothetical question, You are being attacked by a player who is slightly larger than you how can you react to his attack (please be specific)

Build up my defenses, as well as making small raids against his town. Specifically, in my case, I would strengthen the wall, as well as create multiple praetorian guards (for their defensive rating), meaning it would be easier to avoid losing my resources so I could then begin constructing Leg. raiding parties as well as building up imperians to create an attacking force. Then if all went well (I won a decisive victory), would pursue a NAP. Repeat the last step, until an NAP is reached or until a tribute is setup... I wish. XD

1. If you are applying for the Republic Alliance please be aware you may be placed in any wing.
2. We are one Alliance even though we have several Wings. You will be placed in a wing based on geographical location, not population or rank
3. By applying for this alliance you will abide by all the rules and regulations of the alliance.
4. You must be an active player all inactive players will be dismissed especially if you appear as a yellow more than two times or become a red. Sitters are available within the alliance to eliminate this possibility.
5. You cannot attack any alliances in which we have a NAP or confederation.
6. You must check the forum on regular basis. Your activity on the forums is made note of on a weekly basis by the forum's admin.
7. If you are accepted as a member and a request is made you must provide troops or resources when required.
8. When you read any information in the internal forum, you MUST NEVER discuss any information with any non-members.

By submitting this application you will abide by all the rules and regulations of the republic if accepted. Failure to follow rule will be grounds for termination from the Alliance.


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