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Post  inkeddav on Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:32 pm

Username: inkeddave

Race (Gaul, Roman or Teuton) : Gaul

Number of Villages and coordinates:1 village 121, -162

How long have you been on server 6?: 12 days

What time zone are you in?: Centra

What times are you normally online?: I am on almost all the time between 7:30 and 5. A couple times in the evening and a couple times on the weekend. I am getting DSL tomorrow so I will be online more on weekends.

What other servers, if any, are you currently playing?: Server 2

How many travian worlds have you played from beginning to end? None

How did you hear about us?: wild blue is near me
If referred, Player Name:

What is your overall rank and current population?: Rank 10595 and pop is 85. It would be higher but I had dial-up issues over the holiday weekend. Hence the DSL.

What type and number of troops do you have?: a couple of Phalanx. Just getting enough to start raiding inactives.

What is your offensive rank and score? 0

What is your defensive rank and score? 2

What alliances have you been a member of? Just started

What is your current resource production? Wood___75______ Clay___84_____ Iron___69_____ Wheat__23_____

Are you currently being attacked by anyone? Explain: mad rhetoric from the village boom-shaka-laka hit me a number of times over the weekend while I was unable to get on. I have upped my cranny, built some traps and hid my few troops in another village and he has gotten 0 resources from his last raid.

Here is a hypothetical question, You are being attacked by a player who is slightly larger than you how can you react to his attack (please be specific)
At this point in the game, I can build up crannies and let them attack and get nothing from me. I also try to use my resources as fast as I make them so there aren't any to take. If they were attacking and I actually had to deal with them b/c they wouldn't stop even though they weren't getting any resources this is what i would do. First I would contact the player or the alliance leader to see if something can be worked out. If that failed, I would focus my resources into building an army and keep them in another village where they couldn't be killed or on raids until I had enough soldiers to fight back. I would also talk to someone high up in my alliance to get some help from them. Once he lost his army, I would turn him into a farm and invite all other alliance members in the area to come farm him too.


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