The Constitution

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The Constitution

Post  Tovan on Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:15 pm

Constitution of The Republic

We the united villages of, in order to provide for the common interest, defense and welfare do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution of The Republic.

Article I
This Constitution establishes the executive offices of Consul, Praetor, Prefect, Ambassador as well as the legislative body of the Senate. Together, these offices constitute the Council of the Republic.

Article II
Recognizing the structure and function of the game, this Constitution establishes the office of Consul as the executive office of the alliance. The office of the Consul is responsible for guiding and advising the Senate and its respective committees as well as overseeing the implementation of all Senate and alliance activities. The Consul appoints the Praetor, Prefects and Senators to their respective Senatorial Committees. The Consul also appoints the role of Ambassador when needed.

Article III
In order to assist the Consul, this Constitution establishes the office of Praetor as both the chief adviser to the Consul and the President of the Senate. As President of the Senate, the Praetor acts as the executive Prefect taking on all the roles also prescribed to the Prefect and acting as a tie-breaking vote when needed. The Consul shall appoint the first Praetor. A unanimous vote of the Prefects can call for a general election of the Praetor.

Article IV
The Republic will function as a federal republic with direct elections of its legislative body by the members of The Republic. Members shall be broken into clusters, known as Legions (or wings) in accordance to their location. Each Legion will elect a Prefect that represents them in the Senate and to the rest of the executive branch. Along with representing their cluster, Prefects assist the Senate in executing committee plans in respect to their cluster. Legions are determined by population density and organized by the Consul and Praetor.

Article V
Each Legion shall have an Ambassador. The Ambassador is the member of the Legion who houses, builds and protects the Embassy. Ambassadors are also the Consul's representative within the Legion. The Ambassador does not take part in the decision making process, though a member who assumes the role of Ambassador may also run for Senate or Prefect as well as be appointed Praetor.

Article VI
This Constitution establishes the body of the Senate to advise and direct the alliance in all aspects of alliance operation. The Senate shall be divided into committees each responsible for advising and executing their respective area of the alliance. Two Senators and either the Praetor or a Prefect shall staff each committee. The number of Senators can be changed following a super-majority vote of the Senate with the finale approval of the Consul. Should the Consul veto the vote of the Senate, a unanimous vote in the Senate can override the Consul. Senators are elected by the entire membership of the alliance six weeks after the new Senatorial term begins. A Senatorial term is seven weeks long and there is no term-limit for Senators.

Article VII
This Constitution authorizes the following Committees of the Alliance with future committees to be decided by a super-majority vote in the Senate.

  1. The Committee of Alliance Security to be charged with defense of the alliance from all threats to The Republic.
  2. The Committee of the Army to be charged with defeating all external threats to The Republic.
  3. The Diplomatic Committee to be charged with managing all diplomatic communications and relations for The Alliance.
  4. The Committee of Republic Affairs to be charged with managing all alliance affairs including but not limited to economic issues.

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